Armetale by Wilton

Production Dates:

There are at least three lines produced Severn™ (1982-1993?), Scallop Handle™ (1982-?), and Moderne™ (1985-?)


According to company literature, Severn™ is, "named after a river in Scotland, the Severn™ series was designed by Mr. Ben Seibel and sculpted by the Wilton Armetale Pattern Department.  The series of concentric fluting provided a contemporary influence on the simple traditional shapes.  It was introduced in 1982.  The signature piece of the collection was the Teapot and it remained popular for more than 10 years.  The Severn™ series is at home in Traditional and Contemporary settings."  Click here for listing of pieces.

Severn™ Teapot / Tea Kettle

Scallop Handle™

Wilton says this about Scallop Handle™..."Originally designed by the Wilton Armetale Pattern Department and expanded by Ben Seibel and sculpted by the Wilton Armetale Pattern Department, this series began in 1980 with first introduction in 1982.  Over the years the series has expanded and now includes over 17 items.  The name is self-descriptive in that the handles of each piece are in a stylized interpretive form of a scallop shell.  These natural inspired forms are adaptable to Traditional settings and particularly popular in seaside environments."

  Scallop Shell™


Wilton has this to say about Moderne™..."Initially designed by Mr. Ben Seibel and introduced by Wilton Armetale in 1985, the Moderne series was sculpted by the Wilton Armetale Pattern Shop, subsequent additions were made by Wilton Armetale after the death of Mr. Seibel. This Contemporary design integrated sweeping sculptural forms onto dinnerware, serveware and a bold collection of candleholder, goblet, pitcher and carafe. Although simple in its design it was striking in its decorative nature and sophisticated soft curves. Named for its Deco or Modern styling reference (often historically referred to as "Mode Moderne"), it is suitable for Contemporary and Deco style environments."


Open Questions:

What are the pieces Ben added to the Scallop Shell line?  Did he change the design of any existing pieces?