Production dates:

Early 1950's


Thanks to Jack Chipman, we now have this information from Ceramic Industry (July 1950),

"Demaray porcelain ware by the M. & L. Manufacturing Company of Azusa, California, now on display in the show room of Victor McNutt Associates, Brack Shops, includes an extremely well priced line of bowls, vases, cigaret sets and ash trays, in combinations of charcoal and lime and acorn and lime.  Barker Brothers , a widely known furniture company in Los Angeles, is featuring Demaray porcelain."

If there is a creamer, does that mean there is perhaps a sugar bowl, teapot, or coffeepot to be found?

Is this Ben's first dinnerware line?


The official names of the glazes are unknown at this time.

"Yellow & Brown"
"Speckled Beige"

"Speckled Turquoise"


None found to date. My understanding is that there is no documentation of this line in the archives.

A New York Times article from June 19, 1950 shows a picture of the water pitcher with the mugs.

RMS vs. DeMaray


Listing of Pieces:





5401 Platter

12 3/4" X 8"

5701 Pitcher, Water

Height to top of handle 11"

5701 Pitcher, Water

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5301 Mug
5504 Shakers

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5302 Tumbler

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5501 Creamer

Height to top of handle 5 3/16"

  Cup and Saucer

  Plate, 10"

5002 Plate, 8"

Thanks to Michael Pratt for the pics.

  Casserole base

Thanks to Stuart Silberman for the pics.

5101 Individual Casserole (ramekin) base and top

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5202 Bowl, 11" X 3"  

628 Candlestick

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