Raymor Connoisseur Memo, 10/07/52

The following memo is dated October 7, 1952. It was addressed to Mr. James E. Duncan, President of the Duncan and Miller Glass Company.  The memo references this drawing:


Dear Jim:

Please find enclosed print of the bowl for the 12" plate.

The model for this piece went off to you yesterday, together with the punch bowl you sent us a week or so ago.

We had a chance to check this piece, and find certain things about it which are very bad.  They are as follows:

1. The overall shape of the bowl is quite different from our original model and the drawing.  Also find enclosed another print of the punch bowl, which has been marked to show approximately the shape of the glass sample compared to how we want it to look.  If you  will hold the cardboard template against the outside of the bowl at the handle, it will show you the curve of the outside, and also the angle at which the handle should be.  The shape of the bowl will have to be corrected.

2. If you will note on the drawing, we made the model with the handles in the down position, knowing you would not be able to get the piece out of the mold any other way.  However, in the final piece, we want the handles in the up position as shown in the drawing.  This is very important!

3. In the cutting of the handles in the mold, certain parts were no blended well, and the hole has gotten out of shape; we have added plastelene (modeling wax) were we would like the mold corrected.  These places, and the blending marked on the piece, when corrected, will refine the character of the handles considerably.

The model and drawing of the smaller bowl has been done as we want it to look when finished.  You can make the handles at whatever angle you think desirable in the mold, but they will have to be pushed up in the piece.

Hoping you will be able to correct these things quickly, and looking forward to seeing any additional samples.

Very truly yours,

Edwin Fitzwater