Raymor Connoisseur Memo, 10/15/52

The following memo is dated October 15, 1952. It was addressed to Mr. James E. Duncan, President of the Duncan and Miller Glass Company.

Dear Jim:

We have sent you under separate cover the model for the cigarette box, and the crackle experiment, the one we think should be investigated more thoroughly.

The cigarette box is the last piece of the group for which we have to design metal accessories.  As soon as your are finished with this model, and any other models, please return them to us so that we can commence the metal accessory design.  This is very important, as bronze molds have to be made for the casting of the accessories, and they take some time to get made.  Please refer to our letter of 24 September on just which pieces are to have metal accessories.

The glass sample returned looks like a quick start towards getting a fine crackle.  Can you have Dutch do some trials using the same ingredients, but varying the quantity of oil, water, and possibly the kind of oil.

We will have drawings for the four glasses out to you in a day or so, as with drawings for the other sizes of the 12" plate, punch bowl, and 5" nappe.

Looking forward to seeing color trials and other samples, I am,

Very truly yours,

Ben Seibel