Forum International Collection  

  Item# Description  
  203 Soup, 16 oz.  
  208 Buffet/Salad plate  
  210 Dinner plate, 11"  
  210W Wood Service Tray, 12"  
223 Covered Ramekin, 19 oz.  
  240-241 Creamer/Covered Sugar, 16 oz. each  
253S Coffee Warmer set, 74 oz... Note these pictures do not show the wooden stand.  The wooden stand makes the Samovar complete.
  254S Samovar Set, 24-cup.  
260 Oval Covered Baker, 2 1/2 qt.
  261 Bean pot w/wood tray, 2 qt.  
  262 Open Vegetable, 32 oz.  
271 Square Egg Skillet, 6 1/4" square (thanks to Loren Hall for the pics).
  275-276 Coffee Cup, 10 oz. and Saucer  
280S/ 281S Casserole, 280S = 5 qt., 281S = 3 qt.
  282 Relish Tray w/wood cheese board insert  
283 Tall Mug, 14 oz.  
  291 Gravy Bowl w/wood tray, 16 oz.  
  293 Steak Platter w/wood cutting surface, 17" long.  
  294SP Salt/Pepper Mill, 11" high  
  295 Salad Bowl, 96 oz.  
420 Wood Serving Spoon/Fork/Ladle Set

Thanks to Rick Fung for the pic at left. 

Thanks to Robert Reid for the pics at right.

  401 Handled Shrimp Server w/ Porcelain sauce insert  
  402 Tri-Tidbit Tray w/ 3 inserts (rectangle)  
  403 Condiment Set on handled tray  
  404 Jam Jar w/round tray  
  405 Punch/Salad Bowl w/tray  
406 Double Tidbit Server w/handled oval tray
  407 Ashtray Set: 3 nested ashtrays in handled holder  
  408 Covered Candy Server w/tray  
409 Lazy Susan: Tidbit Tray w/3 inserts, (round)  
  410 Handled Nut Dish  
411 Chip-and-Dip: w/suspended sauce insert...thanks to Scott Lindberg for the pic.  
  417 Cheese Tray w/4 inserts/board/knife  
  420 Wood Serving Spoon/Fork/Ladle Set  
  444 After Dinner Coffee Service, 42 oz. pot w/creamer& sugar  
  455 Double Demitasse Set, 8 cups and saucers  
  466 After-Dinner Coffee Set, 8 cups and saucers  
  488 Irish Coffee Set, 8 cups and saucers  
  FI Stoneware Salt Shaker, Pepper Mill, and Gravy with wood underplate.  Pic from my collection.  
  FI Stoneware Coffee pot resting inside the Salad bowl.  Pic from my collection. 253S = Coffee set, 295 =  96oz. Salad Bowl  
  FI Stoneware Creamer, Coffee pot, Candle Holder, and Saucer.