Forum International Collection...Buffetware

  Item# Description  
401 Handled Shrimp Server w/ Porcelain sauce insert

Thanks to Mike Kaplan for the pic.

  402 Tri-Tidbit Tray w/ 3 inserts (rectangle)  
  403 Condiment Set on handled tray  
  404 Jam Jar w/round tray  
  405 Punch/Salad Bowl w/tray  
406 Double Tidbit Server w/handled oval tray
  407 Ashtray Set: 3 nested ashtrays in handled holder  
  408 Covered Candy Server w/tray  
409 Lazy Susan: Tidbit Tray w/3 inserts, (round)  
  410 Handled Nut Dish  
411 Chip-and-Dip: w/suspended sauce insert

Thanks to Scott Lindberg for the pic.

  417 Cheese Tray w/4 inserts/board/knife  
  420 Wood Serving Spoon/Fork/Ladle Set  
  444 After Dinner Coffee Service, 42 oz. pot w/creamer& sugar  
  455 Double Demitasse Set, 8 cups and saucers  
  466 After-Dinner Coffee Set, 8 cups and saucers  
  488 Irish Coffee Set, 8 cups and saucers