Pebble Beach  (#2806) by Fostoria

Production Dates:



The factory line drawings can be misleading; the pebble design is concave, not convex.

I have not found any documentation that the Pebble Beach line included a candle stick. 

The candle sticks often attributed to the Pebble Beach line are actually Fostoria Glacier:

Fostoria Glacier

Thanks to Mike Pratt for the pic.

Fostoria Glacier

Thanks to Scott Lindberg for the pic.


Listing of Pieces:


Color Name Dates  
Crystal Ice 1968-1970
Pink Lady 1968-1970
Mocha 1969-1970

Photo courtesy of Gloria Schulze

Black Pearl 1968-1973
Lemon Twist 1968-1973
Flaming Orange 1968-1973