Town House Brass and Crystal Items by Gilley

"These items are available in polished brass finish (as shown - symbol BR) or brilliant chrome (symbol C) with seagrass wrapping."





x ? ...sugar has glass spoon and brass cover and brass ring.  Creamer has handle. x
x 58-BR Divided mayonnaise dish with 2 glass spoons; 6" diameter x
x 64-BR 5 oz. Roly-Poly with brass ring x
x 66-BR Lipped martini with stir rod; 22 oz.  Removable brass seagrass-wrapped handle. x
x 6602-BR 4 piece martini set with stir rod and two 5 oz. Roly-Polies. x
x 67-BR Lipped martini with stir rod; 42 oz.  Removable brass seagrass-wrapped handle. x
x 6702-BR 8 piece martini set with stir rod and six 5 oz. Roly-Polies. x
x 69-BR Ice cube carrier with removable crystal 2-qt. bowl. x
x 72-BR 2-qt. pyrex carafe with candle warmer unit.  Seagrass-wrapped neck with polished brass stopper and base. x
x 122-BR Double relish carrier, similar to 123-BR.  17" X 4". x
x 123-BR Triple relish carrier; 24" X 4". Glass tray, brass finish, removable sections. x
x 529-BR 10 piece  cordial set with carrier.  28 oz. crystal decanter, brass finish stopper and tray, seagrass-wrapped handle.  Eight 2 oz. cordial glasses. x
x 549-BR Triple decanter set with carrier.  Brass finish stoppers with brass finish glass tray. x
x 578-BR 9 piece martini set with carrier.  30 oz. crystal martini with stir rod and six 5 oz. Roly-Polies. x
x 866-BR Shrimp server with nappy, brass cup and plastic picks; 12" diameter.  Removable bent glass bowl in brass base. x
x 3214-BR Round tray, 14" diameter x
x 3511-BR Salad bowl, 10" diameter.  Removable crystal bowl, brass finish base. x
x 3544-BR Removable tort crystal susan; 14" diameter.  Brass finished base and rack. x
x 3546-BR Same as above, but 16" diameter. x
x 3563-BR Party punch bowl/salad server.  Removable rack with twelve 4 oz. tapered cocktail glasses.  Ladle not included. x
x 3564-BR Identical to above but with ladle. x
x 3744-BR Hors d'oeuvre carrier with basket type handle; 14" diameter.   Bent glass on brass finish base and handle. x
x 3754-BR Hors d'oeuvre server; 14" diameter.   Removable bent glass bowl with 2 side handles. x
x 4216-BR Rectangular tray, 10" X 16". Clear glass. x