Town House China Items by Gilley

List is a work in progress.



Description / Notes


x 11-BR Napkin holder x
x FC-11 Salt and Pepper x
x FC-12 Salad Fork and Spoon x
x FC-27 5 pc. Relish x
x FC-33 Sugar and Creamer x
x FC-55 Butter Warmer (non-electric) x
x FCE-55 Butter Warmer (electric) x
x FC-56 Sauce Warmer (non-electric) x
x FCE-56 Sauce Warmer (electric) x
x FCS-56 Sauce boat with candle warmer x
x FC-60 Coffee warmer (non-electric) x
FCE-60 "16-cup coffee pot with electric warmer.  Brass collar and cover. Brass base." x
x FC-64 Dinner Bell x
x FC-68 Martini Mixer and Spoon x
x FC-6802 4 piece Martini set...FC-68 and 2 FC-364 cups x

FC-69 "Martini/coffee server; 42 oz. Brass collar and cane-wrapped handle. Chrome brass-tipped spoon."
x FC-6902 8 piece Martini Set... FC-69, 6 FC-364 cups, and FC-80 celery dish x
x FC-69-R Large Martini/coffee server; 42 oz. cane-wrapped collar.  Chrome brass-tipped spoon. x
FC-73 Teapot x
x FC-75 Oil and Vinegar x

FC-755 Oil and Vinegar Set with brass carrier x
x FC-76 Coffee Urn (non-electric) x
FCE-76 Coffee Urn with electric warmer
FC-77 Water Jug, 80 oz.

Thanks to Mike Pratt for confirming this a Ben's work.

FC-80 "Celery dish; 14" X 5". Cane wrapped handle."
x FC-84 Casserole (non-electric warmer) x
FCE-84 Casserole with electric warmer...thanks to Chris (ebay seller marqmich1) for the pic at left More
x FCS-84 Casserole with candle warmer x
x FC-91 Candy Dish x
x FC-94 Bean pot (non-electric warmer) x
FCE-94 Bean pot with electric warmer...thanks to Chris (ebay seller marqmich1) for the pics
x FCS-94 Bean pot with candle warmer x
x FC-102 Pyrex lined, polished bass with china cover.  Ebony knob and handles. x
FC-104 "Bucket; 2 qt. Pyrex lined, brass base, handle and knob, china cover." x
x FC-222 Double relish tray x
x FC-223 Triple relish tray x
x FC-225 Small square Hors D'oeuvre tray x
x FC-226 Large square Hors D'oeuvre tray x
x FCE-260 Coffee pot Tray set, 16 cup x
x FCE-276 Coffee pot Tray set, 20 cup x


FC-364 "4 oz. china cup with polished brass base." x
x FC-364-33 Sugar and Creamer Set x
x FC-365-33 x x
x FC-805 Cigarette box x
x FC-911 Ashtray, medium x
x FC-912 Ashtray, large x
x FC-964 Cigarette cup x
x FC-972 Candleholders, pair x
x 973-BR Candelabra, 3 cup x
x 976-BR Candelabra, 6 cup x
x 977-BR Candelabra, 7 cup x
x FCE-2784 Electric casserole and relish tray set x
x FC-3200 14" Tray x
x FC-3311 Condiment set tray x
x FC-3512 Salad Bowl set x
x FC-3625 6 pc. Lazy Susan x
x FC-3684 Hot tray with electric warmer x
x FCE-3687 14" Electric Hot Tray x


? Candle, Tall x


Various Shaker, Coffee Urn, Coffee pot and creamer from my collection. x