Impromptu Patterns


Name Description


  Unofficial name "Autumn Fruit."    

Autumn Harmony "A trio of delicate, life-like leaves brushed lightly, as by a soft September breeze, against pure white china...in autumnal tones of green, gold and brown in a vignette circle of leaf green."  
Aztec "Radiant Aztec:  A simple but impressive decoration of sun-toned gold and burnt orange suggests the colorful splendor of ancient Indian peoples.  A warm, bold pattern for may dining occasions."  
Beige Rose "The classic perfection of a single rose-ever fashionable, enduringly lovely."  
Unofficial name "Blue Delft

Note: Could this be Dutch Treat?


Blue Doves "A bower of delicate green branches encircles two pale blue doves in this imaginative pattern with an exotic air.  Fragile little flower shapes in unusual pastels add a unique color accent.  
Blue Petals    

Bridal White "Elegantly pure-beautiful in solitary splendor or combined with patterns."  
Colonial Blue/Pink Antique rose bouquet in shades of blue or pink.  
Country Time   

Note: current thinking is Country Time and Country Garden are different colorways.

Country Garden "The charm of meadow flowers, in a delicate modern motif...appropriate to formal or informal occasion.  The raised enamel treatment of the flowers gives the pattern a three-dimensional feeling. Done in muted grey and grey-green highlighted with pink and deep orange."  
El Camino "A precise, artistic pattern derived from the bold art of the old Southwest."  

Fjord "High fashion color, spirited design inspired by the sea-and-sky land of the Vikings."  

Frolic "A light-hearted grouping of unusual abstract forms lends spirited beauty to the scuptured grace of Impromptu.  It combines pink, deep orange and delicate tropic green."  

Garland "Flowers dainty in design and soft in color, at once charming and sophisticated."  
Grapes "Pleasing color tones in an artistic brushwork design...a unique and dramatic pattern."  

House of Flowers    

Jardinieres "A delightful pattern of hanging baskets in charcoal grey, coral and pink."  
Unofficial name "Knollwood" This pattern is known as Knollwood when applied to the Inheritance blank.    
  Lexington Thistles and roses.  
Luau "Flaming tropical blossoms dominate this dramatic and excitingly different pattern."  

Parasols "A romantic abstraction of soft tones against pure white...Combining beautiful star shapes of pale blue and lavender with flashes of gleaming gold in an appealing, oriental manner."

Note: In the Factory brochure (on the left) the lid is all white; in the picture to the right, the lid is Blue.


Pins and Beads "Turquoise and birch brown in a formal pattern of unique distinction."  
Pompon "A semi-formal arrangement of delicate floral and leaf designs creates a rainbow of decorative beauty.  Seven lovely colors, ranging from violet to soft pinks and greens."  

Pyramids "Elegance in a contemporary mood is the distinction of this formal pattern.  The muted geometric border accents the gleaming white finish and the graceful Impromptu shape."  

Spring Flowers "Splashes of burnt orange, spring green, yellow, turquoise, soft brown."  


Stellar "An imaginative design-star-like shapes in dove green, golden apricot, soft grey."  
Tiara "Smart, contemporary, fashionable-a pattern that creates exciting table settings."  

Vision "Jewel like accents of sapphire blue with pinpoints and lines of subtle grey."  

Wild Rose "Lovely roses, amid a graceful swirl of leaves - a china classic of dignity."  
Wild Violet    

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