Informal pieces


Number Description


x 702 Fruit Dish x
x 703 Lug Soup x
x 704 Butter/Coaster/Ashtray

Note: some brochures list this as item 707


706 Covered Fry Pan, 10"

x 707 Bread and Butter plate

Note: in some brochures this is the Butter/Coaster/Ashtray, in others it is the B&B plate

x 708 Salad/Breakfast plate x
x 710 Dinner Plate x
x 723 Gumbo Soup x
723C Gumbo Soup w/cover x
730 Covered Butter Dish (round)

Note: often referred to as the "Cheese Dish"

  730 Covered Butter Dish (rectangle)  

735 6-Section Buffet Server (revolving) x
x 737 Trivided Server (revolving) x
740 Creamer; 10 oz. x
741 Covered Sugar
  741A Sugar/Samovar cover x
750 Coffee Pot w/cover

Note: Lid on backwards

x 750A Coffee Pot Cover x
x 751 Milk Pitcher, 40oz. x
x 760 Open Vegetable x
770 Single Buffet Server Insert x
x 770B Revolving Base only for Buffet Server  
771 Covered Sauce Pan, 1 qt.
x 771A Sauce Pan/Gumbo Soup Cover x
772 Dutch Oven and cover,  4 qt. x

See below

773 Samovar only, 24 cup  
774 Samovar w/ Stand, 24 cup

See above

774S Samovar Stand only x
780 Tea Cup x

See above

781 Tea Saucer x
x 782 Trivided Server x
783 Divided Vegetable x
783 Mug x
787 Casserole w/cover; 2 Qt. x
x 787A Casserole/Dutch Oven/Fry Pan cover x
790 Gravy Boat w/stand

Note: some brochures do not list the stand/underplate

Smaller version of 793 below

792 Small Platter; 12" x
793 Large Platter; 15" x
794 Salt & Pepper x