Inheritance Pieces


Item # Description    
  901-W Lacquer Serving Tray    
  902 Bowl, Fruit    
  903 Bowl, Cereal    
  905 5-pc Place Setting (Dinner plate, Salad plate, Bread & Butter plate, Tea cup, Tea Saucer)    
  906 6-pc Tea Set (Sugar, Creamer, Teapot with Stand)    
  907 Plate, Bread and Butter    
  908 Plate, Salad    
  910 Plate, Dinner    
  940 Creamer    
  941 Sugar with Cover    
950 Teapot with cover (w/wood stand)*    
  960 Bowl, Open Vegetable    
980 Cup, Tea (and saucer)    

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981 Saucer, Tea    
  982 Bowl, Divided, Vegetable with Cover    
987 Casserole with Cover (w/wood stand)*
  990 Bowl, Soup, Rim    
  991 Gravy Boat, Fast Stand    
992 Platter, Rectangle, Medium    
  993 Platter, Rectangle, Large (w/wood stand)*    
  995 Bowl, Salad (w/wood stand)*