Cock A Doodle Servers by Mikasa



Production Dates:

Mid to late 1970's


Not confirmed as a Ben Seibel design.


StyleManor = Speckled Beige glaze

Fashion Tones/Uptrend = White glaze

Celadon Glaze = A pale yellow/green glaze

Listing of Pieces:



Description Mark
x FD 800 Bird, Short x
x FD 800 Bird, Tall x

FD 800 Bird, Low (bowl)
Fashion Tones/Uptrend      
x x Bird, Short x
DJ 900/DG 900

Thanks to Deb for the pics (ebay seller ladybirddeb)

Bird, Tall
x x Bird, Low (bowl) x
Celadon Glaze      
DH 400 Bird, Short
x DH 400 Bird, Tall x
DH 400 Bird, Low (bowl) x