Raymor Universal Patterns

  Series #

Pattern Name

Factory Description Backstamp



1100 Boutique White "Unadorned, starkly simple - the true white color of fine china to reveal the nice lines of the dinnerware it graces, to glorify the food it will hold."

None.  Plain White

3300 Sans Souci "Full of lighthearted charm, an effervescent swirl in soft shades of blue, turquoise, and lavender, outlined in charcoal grey." x
3200 Cornucopia "In keeping with eating and masterfully handled, the hospitable horn of plenty, depicted by warm grey line work splashed with ochre and rose."
3300 Shangri-La "Subtle greens, blue and gold against china white...a gifted contemporary version of a forever youthful tradition:  the small leaf in graceful repose."
2100 Festive Leaves "Four Leaves and their shadows - an exciting new treatment of a well-loved motif in decorator colors of olive green, russet brown, and peacock blue."
3100 Golden Burst "Like stars exploding...antique gold bursts, just three of them, spotted for maximum effectiveness in lonely but elegant fashion against the china white dinnerware."
3400 Constellation "Eye catching design fireworks...a starry display in rich golden yellow accented by muted blue-greens for dramatic performance at the table." x

Thanks to Jeff (ebay seller jonczyk) for the pic

4100 Choreography "Extraordinary delicacy and refinement of detail characterize this dainty design, its dancing colors in jeweled blues and greens.  Formally arranged on the dinner plate, it is broken up into interesting clusters that enhance the intrinsic beauty of the larger pieces." x
? Inca Sunburst (Rust) x

Thanks to Ted Silverman for the pic.


? Inca Sunburst (Blue) x

Thanks to Michael Pratt for the pics. 



? Pattern "X" x x