Stand-Built Upholstery Corp.; ID Collection

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In 1956 Ben stated, "We've been in a functional design straitjacket for too long...I think we're ready to stop making furniture just because it's practical and has six tea trays in its belly.  From now on I think furniture is just going to be something good to look at."


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Listing of Pieces:

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  Model Name Description

Display "ID Display Fixture... Stand-built Upholstery Corp.. has designed this fixture for retail store display of its ID collection.  The chair is designed by Ben Seibel.  It shows Stand-built's new method of steel framing before the back is upholstered in foam rubber and covered in fabric."

Envoy "A fresh new look characterizes all the upholstered pieces in the ID collection designed by Ben Seibel, well known industrial designer.  Envoy, a gracefully proportioned arm chair, is light in appearance and weight.  It is completely upholstered in foam rubber."

Grande Dame "A large lounge chair, having flamboyant contours, has a fan-shaped back and gracefully rounded arms, loose set cushion, and inverted walnut finished wooden legs."

Crescent Couch "A beautifully curved sectional comprised of a 54" straight line, one arm love seat and corner section, having a simple sculptured walnut finished base with finely tapered legs.  It can be used free standing  or  in effective groupings."
Beautiful Dreamer "Ben Seibel rescues the languorous-looking chaise lounge from seeming oblivion and sculptures it for today's TV viewing. Beautiful Dreamer is completely upholstered in foam rubber, has finely tapered walnut-finished legs, and features steel framing."
Gala "A 32" high back dramatizes the free from contour of this love set in the Id collection designed by Ben Seibel.  It has a walnut finished base, finely turned legs at each corner, and features Stand-built's modern method of steel framing that makes possible the new contours in the ID collection."
Embassy "With Stand-built's steel framing, the designer has a new freedom in creating never-before-obtainable contours in completely upholstered furniture.  This point is illustrated in Embassy, an 8' sofa by Ben Seibel.  Legs are of walnut finished birch."
Attache "An expression of simple modern design is noted in the 8' two-cushion sofa designed by Ben Seibel for the ID collection.  The steel framing makes possible new contours unobtainable within the limitations of a rigid, heavy wooden frame."
Enchantress "A contour that frames the occupant is a feature of Enchantress, one of the chairs in the ID collection designed by Ben Seibel.  This collection is Seibel's first upholstered group."
Hourglass "Unusual for its free form back and cradle-like sides, this chair has a tight seat cushion and delicately turned wooden legs finished in walnut ending in a little wooden knob."
Deceiver "This lounge chair is typical of the seating pieces in the ID collection designed by Ben Seibel in that it looks small but is amply proportioned. It has a loose cushion, sculptured wood base, and inverted ten pin legs in front, finished in walnut, and features steel framing."
High Hat "Seating comfort, compact proportions, and a high back are design features of this lounge chair designed by Ben Seibel.  It has walnut-finished inverted ten pin legs in front and steel framing."
Chair-Lounge with Ottoman "Designed by Ben Seibel, this chair-lounge with ottoman that latches onto the front by fitting under the seat cushion has walnut legs, an all-steel frame, and mesh construction."