Is It Ben?

In my opinion, the items listed below are still "up for grabs" regarding the designer.  Some say these designs are Ben's, and others say they are not.



  Candle/Bud vase - Line 2937
  Candy Box - Line 2830
  Candy Jar - Line 2829
  Centerpiece - Line 2826
  Centerpiece - Line 2827
  Contrast - Line 6120
  Eloquence - Line 3120
  Serenity - Etching 35
  Wimbledon - Line 6126
"Zig-Zag" - Line 2828
  Festive - Line 6127


Click here Are these Ben's designs?



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"S-ware"; Are these Ben's designs?

Henry & Miller

I have no information on the items Ben designed for this company.  Thanks to ebay seller modernpie for the pic.

Laurel (lamps)


I have no information on the lamps Ben designed for Laurel.  Please let me know if you can help here.





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Are these Ben's designs?  Let me know if you have them with a Ben Seibel sticker.


Cordon Bleu
Click here Cock A Doodle Servers
  Country Fresh
  Flowers Arrangements
  French Countryside (simply Whole Wheat in White?)
  Light n' Lively
  Potters Craft
  Stone Valley II
  Studio Craft
  Style Manor
  Terra Stone
  The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring
Whole Wheat


This set is interesting.  The pattern used is the Country-Time pattern; however, the items themselves appear in neither of the Country-Time brochures I have.  Are any of these items a Ben Seibel design?


Pyrex cup with plastic holder.  Thanks to Mike Kaplan for the pic.

Raymor Holland


Tea Set marked Raymor Holland.  Mark is identical to the mark found the the Raymor Holland Pitcher which Ben's son has verified as being A Ben Seibel Design.


Lotus, ca.1952

On page 231 of Understanding Roseville Pottery by Mark Bassett, there is a photograph of Ben holding a drawing of the Lotus line.  The back of the photograph is labeled, "Left: Ben Seibel (Designer)..."

Bassett writes, "While working with the New York design firm Smith and Scheer, Ben Seibel designed Lotus and perhaps a few previous Roseville's lines.  Neither the recent Chinese Modern lines nor Florane exhibited Frank Ferrell's highly recognizable style."

  Mayfair pitcher, ca. 1952
Click here Raymor Service for the Gourmet (Raymor Two-Tone Casual), ca. 1953